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Executive Director

Nicki McGachey

Nicki started university in the Graphic Design department, but after taking a job at a local radio station she realized that her true passion was in broadcasting. After graduating with a BA in both Art and Mass Communications she went to work for a group of radio stations in Indianapolis. While there she not only got to meet amazing people and listen to awesome music, but she also had the opportunity to work on some of the biggest broadcasts in the nation, including the Indianapolis 500 and two Super Bowls.


After moving to Massachusetts and starting a family Nicki went back into broadcasting, this time in community media. Since then she's quickly added new technological capabilities and programming to the station, hoping to reach and benefit as many people in the local community as possible.


In her free time Nicki enjoys running, woodworking, and playing in the mud with her daughter...time will tell who grows out of that first!


Production Coordinator

Buffy Cautela

Buffy has always had a passion for television and movies. When she was 8 years old she received her first camera. With that first camera, she made countless videos with her friends and family. Once she entered Hudson High School, Buffy became involved with Hudson Public Access Television (HudTV). Buffy spent her entire four years of high school volunteering and working as a summer intern at HudTV. 


After high school, Buffy wanted to follow her passion for filmmaking and choose to attend Fitchburg State University. Currently, Buffy is a Junior Communications Media Major with a Double Concentration in Film/Video and Theatre. At Fitchburg State, Buffy is the President of both the Improv Comedy Club and Co-ed Ice Hockey Club. Buffy is also a veteran DJ at the school's radio station WXPL. Academically, Buffy is a member of the National Communications Associations Honors Society Lambda Pi Eta. 


When Buffy is not writing/directing for the camera or for the stage, she can be found reading, watching indie films, or playing board games with her friends. She hopes to one day make films in the style of Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach, and Mark Duplass. 


Production Assistant

Nick Kischitz

Nick has been working at Bolton Access since late 2015 when he was a freshman in high school. Starting as a cablecaster filming and controlling cameras for government meetings, Nick quickly learned the ins and outs of television, eventually moving up to the role of Production Assistant after graduating. He is currently attending Quinsigamond Community College, where he is studying Finance in the Business Administration Program. Working in film was appealing to him, as it was a very unique and challenging job, where being quick on your feet is beneficial.


Nick also works as a technician in an auto shop. During his time outside of work and school, he enjoys playing hockey, weightlifting, and hiking.

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