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COVID-19 Update

We are committed to covering Bolton’s local government and will continue to film our regular schedule of meetings in whatever form those may take. Selectmen, Advisory, and School Committee meetings air live on both our cable channel (Comcast 99), YouTube, and with our Video on Demand (VOD) service. We also regularly record Conservation, Planning, and Economic Development meetings, which we try to have uploaded by 48 hours after the meeting. Additionally we film other meetings as requested, such as the recent Mosquito Response Meeting.

You can find our videos by clicking the “Watch” tab above; from there you can watch either channel 8 or 99 live, or you can watch prerecorded videos by selecting “VOD”


You can also watch us at


If you want to participate in a meeting with questions and comments there is now a Zoom conference call link posted on every agenda. You can join on either your computer or phone. Visit and scroll down to the “Upcoming Meetings” calendar to find each committee’s agenda.



Our Comcast channels are now live on the internet!

Click on the “Watch” tab above – there you can choose to watch both our channels live or you can go to the VOD (Video On Demand) to see previous meetings.

Once on the VOD page you can use the search bar on the right hand side to find what you’re looking for- you can search by date, meeting name, or any combination of keywords.

Nashoba Regional School Committee YouTube channel!

Click Here to go to our the Nashoba Regional School Committee YouTube channel and see the future videos there for the NRSC.

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